2-02 Guest Dr Melissa Kagen

November 20, 2018

Dr Melissa Kagen of Bangor University joins us this week to talk about "wandering games": walking sims, archival adventures, and "misplaying" video games for cultural and political purposes. Be sure to check out the Call for Proposals for Melissa Kagen & Eben Muse's "Wandering Games" Conference, 10-12 July 2019 in Bangor, Wales, UK.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at https://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/11/2-02.html.

2-01 Back into the Looking Glass

November 6, 2018

We had a break - what did we do? What projects are we working on? We discuss our experiences over the summer, our current digital writing projects, and the state of our practice-based research. Easing into this season, when we'll be hosting numerous guests on the podcast!

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at https://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/10/2-01.html.

2-00 Season 2 Teaser

October 30, 2018

We're back! What's coming up in Season 2?

1-08 In Search of Completionism

July 17, 2018

In this last episode of the season, we revisit some topics to explore them further, including: digital fiction museums, locative transmedia works, publishing digital fiction, walking sims, and the future. BONUS: Blooper reel!

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at https://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/07/1-08.html.

1-07 Publishing Digital Fiction

July 3, 2018

Why isn't digital fiction everywhere? Part of the reason we don't see it in stores is because it doesn't have an established publishing stream. We look at some of the publishing efforts in the history of digital fiction in this episode.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at https://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/07/1-07.html.

1-06 Putting the ‘Cyber’ in Writing

June 12, 2018

We finally get to talk about our favorite topic: writing digital fiction! What are the most frequent questions we get as digital writers? How is it different from prose writing? How is it the same? Since we're practice-based researchers in creative writing, these are just the sorts of questions we are looking to answer in our creative work.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at https://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/06/1-06.html.

1-05 Transmedia Rabbit Holes

June 7, 2018

Digital media has the ability to both transcend and combine narrative forms: film, game, text, music, and more. As a result of the mutable quality of digital media and the networked capability of the internet, narratives now spill over multiple media, with different elements of the story spread across film, forums, TV, books, and more. We go down some transmedia narrative rabbit holes, discussing what transmedia storytelling is and how it's being used.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at http://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/06/1-05.html.

1-04 Losing My Digital Fiction

May 1, 2018

Like all things digital, digital fiction is prone to obsolescence, and we're already losing key works. We chat about the evanescence of the medium, archiving digital fiction, and what we do as writers to make our works accessible for as long as possible - and whether we should even bother.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at http://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/04/1-04.html.

1-03 Hypertext for the People

April 17, 2018

Hypertexts are one of the oldest and enduring forms of digital literature, dating from the 1st gen in 1987, to the explosion in indie games thanks to Twine. We chat about how hypertexts form the foundation of digital fiction, what role they play in culture, and we share some of our favorites.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at http://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/03/1-03.html.

1-02 Interactive Fiction & Text Adventure Games

April 3, 2018

Interactive fiction (better known as text adventure games) is the forerunner of narrative-based video games. In this episode, we discuss the origins of IF, its commercial heyday, and what contemporary IF has become.

Show notes with links mentioned can be found at http://podcast.wonderboxpublishing.com/2018/03/1-02.html.